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Private Parts Are Funny

While working on my website content, I thought a lot about my blog.  Although I currently write mostly picture books for children, I am also writing a memoir.  I am a songwriter.  I journalize. That’s how I view my blog – it’s sort of like my journal.  It’s a healthy way for me to both process and express my thoughts.  When I journalize, however, I tend to be more… raw.  My focus is on honest, universal topics that I can’t shake.  Things that stick in my brain like molasses and won’t let go.  If a topic interests me enough to wake me at night, then I’m probably going to write about it.  Regardless of whether it is politically or socially “correct.”

Whatever THAT means.

I write this because I don’t want people to expect Dr. Seuss when they read my blog.  I don’t cuss like Richard Pryor, but I admired his candor.  Like Richard, I’ve lived some tough years.  But through my trials, I’ve also learned a lot.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And I know that if it’s happened to me, it’s happened to someone else, too.

And that someone else could be you.


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Dear Cassidy (a tribute to my no-longer-7-year-old daughter)

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Seven Years

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How a Disability Changed My Writing

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A Mother’s Apology – Healing Words, Just In Time

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Potty Training Purgatory

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Why I Bugged The Crap Out Of My Big Brother (an apology on behalf of little sibs everywhere)

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6 Kid Quirks I’m Going To Miss

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How To Make Sense of Horrible Things

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This, Too, Shall Pass

Photo by Brook Hollis Me – “I love you.” Tye – “I love you more.” Me – “I love you most.” Tye – “No, I love you more than that.  And I will love you more until you’re a zombie.  But that’s not right now.  That’ll be a long timeView full post »