Chicken Soup Books


The Write Thing (p. TBD)

COMING MAY 12, 2020 (publication delayed due to Covid-19)

When I chose to leave a lucrative career to be a full-time writer and a SAHM, self-doubt and questions of competency haunted me.  Life-changing choices are risky and terrifying. Past voices haunted me, telling me I was bound to fail.

But no voice screamed louder than my own.

Halloween in May (p. 183)


Because nothing could possibly go wrong when you trick-or-treat in May.


A Very Mary Pat Christmas (p. 325)


When your mother is a slightly forgetful hoarder, you just never know what you're getting for Christmas.

Sometimes wacky, Frequently impractical.

Always memorable.

Nurturing Ninja (p. 125)


Ever wonder what happens when a hungry kitten thinks a sleeping man is his mother?

Yup. It really happened.

Marcela's Vision (p. 94)


While fighting for my life in a coma in Monterrey, Mexico, a remarkable woman had a premonition that would eventually prove to be true...and change my life forever.

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