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Why I Write

Although I’ve has been writing poetry and songs since childhood, something sparked the first time I read a picture book to my children. The beautiful lyricism of LOVE YOU FOREVER and the playful rhythmic bounce of CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM hooked me from the first read. I knew I wanted to be a children’s author someday.


After a great deal of reading, drafting, and revising, I began to find my own unique rhythm. My voice. And the more I studied, the more I began to recognize the need for books that represent children with whom I empathize—those with medical challenges or a love for music, in particular. My journey began to feel purposeful, and writing became something more than just a creative outlet.


It became a need.


I see storytelling as an opportunity to show children that they are not alone in this world. To help them feel like they belong. As authors, we have the ability to inspire hope if we use our words wisely. If we tell our stories honestly.


And it is my goal to do just that.


I hope you find your truth in my voice. 


Because we all have a story.

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