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Pivotal moments: InHERview

Kidlit women. The more I meet, the more I realize how indomitable, determined, and fierce this pool of women truly is. Over the last several years, so many of them have become more than fellow writers and critique partners to me. More than friends, even.


They've become family.

Women in kidlit understand the struggle. They understand this long, rejection-laden journey in a way that other friends and family members do not. As a result, we work through the unknown together, we suffer our failures together, and we celebrate our successes together.


I have discovered a commonality among kidlit women. We are drawn to write because creativity is our oxygen. We need to breathe it in, or a piece of us dies. Furthermore, there is a core of empathy that grounds us all. A desire to understand other people.


To make this world a better place for our children.

Digging deep has always been therapeutic for me. In the past, my blog has been a way of bringing those two things together. Now, I want to use this space to dig deeper into the lives of these incredible women. Yes, we will highlight upcoming books… but more than that, I want to highlight the women behind the stories. 

And the stories behind the women.

Stay tuned for what will be more than just another author interview.

It will be an inHERview.

Because we all have a story to tell.

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