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Shannon’s debut picture book, CAN U SAVE THE DAY, has been sold to Sarah Rockett at Sleeping Bear Press and is due to hit the shelves in 2019. Distraught by bullying consonants, the vowels decide to leave the farm one by one, leaving behind a mess of stuttering, stammering animals and a pending (but humorous) disaster that can only be saved by U. Stay tuned for progress updates on this exciting development!


I am excited to announce that my blog post, The Coma That Saved My Life, has been published on the health and wellness website, Perfect Mind Perfect Body.  As a guest blogger, I was asked to describe one moment in time that changed my life.  I can think of several moments in time that changed me… but everyone who has been through a health tragedy knows that there is usually one rock-bottom moment when you are faced with the decision of whether you will choose to give up – or survive.  This blog is about that moment.

Read the post here: The Coma That Saved My Life.