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The Good Dream Amulet

Cassidy good dreams gummiesPINIMAGEThe Good Dream Amulet is an enchanting story that teaches children that they have the power to shape their dreams at nighttime.  In this book, Mama gives Cassidy a magical amulet which has been passed through their family for generations.  Cassidy learns that the stone is actually a piece of a star, kissed by an angel.  But the magic will not work without Cassidy’s help.  As Mama explains, “This amulet is like a cup.  Happy thoughts will fill it up.”  But just as Cassidy thinks she knows all the secrets to the amulet, the room fills with magic as the angel’s identity becomes clear… and Cassidy is finally able to sleep peacefully through the night.

The Good Dream Amulet is heartwarming 570-word picture book for ages 5-8.


Illustrations by Jessica Soria Gazquez